By Jonathan Suarez Robin Dembroff and Daniel Wodak wrote a seminal article on the ethics of utilizing gender specific pronouns. Their article titled “He/She/They/Ze” discusses two claims. The first they term the “Moderate Claim”. The Moderate Claim can be stated as follows, “We have a duty not to use binary gender-specific pronouns to refer to […]

“Should we not all feel guilty?

By Constantino Cano II When looking at white guilt, I feel it is important to see it as two sides to a single coin. It would seem that the very concept of white guilt insinuates a sense of contrition on the one side, as well as a sense that something ought to be forgiven on […]

How To Read Philosophy

Even though I absolutely love philosophy, I’m not blinded to the difficulties novices face. Here are three tips that I consider to be useful when trying to understand such an ancient adversary. The most important to learning philosophy is the proper mindset. After all, when the student is ready the teacher appears.  1.)Be Humble  It’s […]

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